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3 Reasons to Consider Intumescent Fireproofing

May 15, 2019

If you've never heard of intumescent paint, you might not understand why it is so important in the fireproofing process or the reason behind choosing it for your commercial design project. 

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Considering Custom Color Matching? Here Are 4 Tips to Help You Choose What's Best

April 24, 2019

At Cochran & Mann, we understand that the aesthetic of your building is important. The right combination of colors can ensure your commercial space looks ready to impress potential clients and create a welcoming environment for your employees.

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How to Avoid Seaming Issues With Your Wallcovering

April 10, 2019

Many wallcovering manufacturers, retailers, and do-it-yourself websites give loose step-by-step advice on how to hang wallcoverings in commercial buildings. However, commercial wallcoverings are a huge project that should be done by a professional.

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Why Companies Choose Cochran & Mann as Their Commercial Painting Company

March 25, 2019

We’ve come a long way from two guys in a truck, but our down-to-earth accountability and old-school attention to detail has remained constant. That’s why we’re one of the premier commercial painting companies in the area.

Check out why you should consider us for your next commercial project:

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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Craftsman

March 13, 2019

At Cochran & Mann, we understand the importance of ensuring your commercial building looks ready to impress potential clients at all times. That’s why we are happy to provide our customers with quality commercial painting and wallcovering services.

However, sometimes you need to branch out and hire an additional company to meet your building maintenance needs. Here are five questions to ask before hiring a commercial craftsman.

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3 Reasons Why Interior Maintenance Is Important For Aesthetic Appeal

February 20, 2019

For some businesses, there is an obvious need for an attractive interior space. For example, if you are operating a hotel you know that your guests are going to care about how things look.

In contrast, if you own a manufacturing facility, your offices may be much more bare-bones. But it is important to understand the value of an appealing interior for your business, regardless of what kind of business you have.

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Start The New Year Off Right With These Workspace Tips

December 19, 2018

Start the New Year with strong business resolutions that help drive sales, increase employee satisfaction, boost productivity, and make the workspace a positive environment. Here’s a short list of workspace tips to begin the New Year.

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Does A Refreshed Work Space Increase Team Morale?

December 12, 2018

A new commercial paint job is powerful and can help boost team morale in nearly any workspace. The power of color is a tool that’s used to enhance and improve the way employees interact with customers and with each other.

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4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Commercial Paint Finish

November 21, 2018

A paint finish is determined by how well a paint reflects light. Flat paints have little luster or shine and reflect very little light. An eggshell paint finish has a little bit of luster, and semi-gloss is shinier than both flat and eggshell but not as shiny as high-gloss.

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Carlos Pena Hired As New Safety Manager

November 14, 2018

Carlos began in the construction industry in 2010. He was hired as a carpenter apprentice for a concrete contractor in the Washington D.C. metro area. After a year, he was promoted to a carpenter.

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