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10 Benefits of Building Relationships with Subcontractors

January 1, 2018

Interior commercial painting servicesAt Cochran & Mann, we try to break the stereotype of bad contractors. As a well-oiled machine of painters and trade leaders, we deliver quality projects with a smile from start to finish. However, some companies are still wary of hiring a subcontractor to do the job. To avoid slow productivity and higher costs, here’s how you can benefit from teaming up with good guys like Cochran & Mann:

  1. It’s cost effective. Hiring a brand-new, full-time employee is a costly addition to your team. Not to mention the cost of recruitment that goes into finding the right team member.

    If you hire a subcontractor, you get specific experience in a niche trade at an affordable cost. We don’t require benefits, employee taxes or insurance, office space, or equipment from you.

    We bring our own tools, work on your schedule, and are between 20 to 30 percent “more cost effective than hiring full-time additional staff”, according to Handex Consulting & Remediation in Winter Park, Florida.

  2. It’s productive. You can pawn off certain tasks to existing employees, but they might not have the time to complete it in addition to their regular to-do list. On top of that, they may not know exactly what they’re doing if it’s outside their scope of experience and education.

    Subcontractors offer specific expertise, leaving little to no learning curve, which makes their time more productive and your time more valuable. Your employees can concentrate on what they do best, and so can we.

  3. It’s not a long-term commitment -- unless you want to make it one. One of the best parts about hiring a subcontractor is that we’re on a contract with a deadline. Contracted projects usually don’t require a long-term commitment like hiring a full-time staff member.

    However, each contracted project builds a relationship between you and a subcontractor. If you like the work we’ve done, you can always hire us again when you’re ready. We’re there when you need us, but we can give you space to do what you do best. We’re flexible.

  4. We know other subcontractors. To no surprise, industries often overlap. As a commercial painting company, we know a lot of construction and manufacturing guys. We have a few friends in heating and cooling, maybe some in commercial interior design or landscaping.

    Because of these relationships, we can recommend the best in the business for other project needs. Referrals go a long way, because we know that we have to complete a high quality job for others to think about us when the time comes.

In short, here are a few benefits of hiring a subcontractor like a commercial painting and wallcovering company:

  • We tackle the project scope, if it’s too broad for you or a regular contractor.
  • It frees up your time and resources, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • It’s, on average, less expensive than finding and hiring a full-time additional staff member.
  • A construction contract can be terminated easily (if you’re unhappy with the work) and must be written to ensure warranties of the service being provided, according to The Balance, a financial empowerment website.
  • We provide our own equipment.
  • It’s not a long-term commitment, and you can hire us as needed.

It’s up to you on how you want to handle your project. If direct hire makes more sense, we understand. However, the benefits of building relationships with subcontractors are unbeatable -- just check out the list above.

If you need more help making the right decision for your commercial project, click on the button below to download Cochran & Mann’s Guide To Hiring A Commercial Painting Contractor:

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