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2024 Commercial Painting Trends

January 23, 2024

2024 Commercial Painting Trends

Enhance your property with these top 2024 commercial painting trends. 

Your commercial space is a reflection of your business and brand. Keeping up with the trends and enhancing your outdated corporate and commercial properties plays a pivotal role in fostering the right ambiance and impression for your customers, clients, and guests. At Cochran & Mann, we are excited to help bring your vision to life with these top commercial painting trends in 2024.

Top Color Trends

Our paint partners, including Sherwin Williams, PPG, and McCormick Paints, recently revealed their picks for the 2024 "Color of the Year." The choices range from vibrant and breezy tones to more subdued and earthy shades, offering versatile options for different commercial spaces. 

Upward by Sherwin Willams

Sherwin-Williams turned to the skies for inspiration for its 2024 Color of the Year. 'Upward' is a soft and captivating blue with a touch of gray and natural green elements. It evokes coastal tranquility, making 'Upward' a great choice for designers aiming to infuse commercial spaces with a soothing counterbalance to the hectic pace of modern life.

Limitless by PPG 

Is beige back? A trend we have seen emerging over the past year is answered by PPG’s color of the year choice. Described by PPG’s color expert for the Glidden brand Ashley McCollum as a “modern honey beige,” this shade offers versatility, serving as a neutral while diverging from the cooler grays prevalent in previous years. 

Calm Interlude by McCormick Paints

Calm Interlude, the darkest and boldest of the mentioned Colors of the Year, is a rich blue-gray shade. Though it's a darker tone, its cool undertones have a calming effect, making it ideal for crafting serene and soothing spaces.

Going Beyond the Walls

We’ve seen spaces transform over the last few years by taking painted spaces beyond the four walls, and we expect this trend to continue. Clients are increasingly embracing the use of colors on ceilings.

Owner Mike Cochran shares, "There's a growing request to complement lighter walls with a bolder color treatment on the ceilings." Using color on the ceiling can remarkably elevate the overall space and modernize commercial offices and buildings.

Just as we’ve seen painted ceiling trends, there is also a rise in painted floors. Especially in historic conversions and industrial minimalist design, textured, patterned, and solid-painted floors are increasing in popularity.  

Bringing Nature In

The trend of biophilic design in commercial spaces continues for our customers in the Mid-Atlantic. In commercial painting and wall coverings, we’ve seen this manifest in color choices, living accent walls, murals inspired by nature, and curved architectural elements.

Turn to the experts

Following trends is exciting, but ensuring the value of your commercial space is equally crucial. Seeking guidance for your commercial painting project from a trustworthy professional proves to be a smart and efficient approach to making a lasting impact that impresses potential tenants and clients.

At Cochran & Mann, we deliver superior quality finishes, leaving the right impression that speaks volumes. Our expertise saves valuable time and resources and optimizes efficiency through our wealth of experience. 

Relying on professional painters guarantees access to expert guidance, ensuring your satisfaction with the outcome in the long run. Our experience ensures a secure and damage-free execution, fostering a safe working environment and mitigating potential liabilities.

Are you in need of a professional painting and wallcovering contractor in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, or Maryland? Get in touch with us today to receive a personalized quote.


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