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4 Interior Coatings That Improve Aesthetic And Functionality

December 11, 2019


When it comes to style, durability, and functionality, the best interior coatings are applicable across many commercial buildings. Whether the coating is for an office, library, hall, or warehouse environment, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Which is the best? We’re covering the most aesthetic coatings in the commercial industry, and each offers a variety of benefits guaranteed to take your building to the next level.


If you want a coating that boasts dimension, movement, and pop, Zolatone is your best option. Zolatone coatings carry the tactile quality that business owners love, and they're some of the toughest coatings in the paint industry. Zolatone is a trusted creative partner for a few of the world’s most renowned designers and architects—and for good reason:

  • It resists wear-and-tear from scratching and chipping.
  • It's used as a durable paint substitute.
  • It’s easy to maintain and restore touch-ups.
  • It doesn’t require a spray gun for application.

The tough-as-nails paint took off as a favored lining for Airstream Trailers and classic cars. Today, the brand is a valued creative associate of many leading brands. The 100-percent acrylic paint has versatility, too, which makes it a capable coating and an excellent concealer of structural damage.


Multispec is a multicolor paint which provides fantastic textures. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable. Outperforming everyday wall paints, wallcoverings, and faux finishes, the coating’s mar-resistant surface boasts integrity and strength. It’s easy to apply and provides several immediate benefits:

  • It’s capable of painting office vanities, countertops, and tub walls.
  • It’s more durable than paint and wallpaper.
  • It’s available in many accents and water colors.

Multispec is so environmentally friendly, it’s been touted as a leader in the future of environmental regulations. For this reason, the coating brand has even spearheaded the development of color-specifying computer development software. It’s suitable for interior applications, exterior applications, and everything in-between.


For the extra environmentally friendly, Crafton coatings offer the custom look business owners appreciate. Each unique application is "green," offering low VOC levels and a water base. As a great option for stainless steel and other metallic coatings, Crafton coatings tend to be ongoing choices among several industrial professionals, including: 

  • Builders securing exteriors from harsh environments. 
  • Architects matching style with durability.
  • Designers applying pleasing interiors to industrial designs.

Crafton's current library of more than 1,600 colors and color schemes has continuously astounded commercial building owners. Crafton coatings are also composed of metallic particles, surpassing other metal-imitating applications.

This overall design is durable and reliable, too. As a company, Crafton is constantly researching new color schemes. If you want an innovative look to match your commercial building's underlying potential, look no further than Crafton.


Polyurethane coatings are the best choices for high wear-and-tear environments. They’re also beneficial as chemically and physically resistant coats. Above all, polyurethane is versatile. Its low-temperature, fast-curing design and extra adhesive power make it a great investment for building owners.

Polyurethane is an affordable economic option, too. Between its flexibility and incredibly low cost, it's one of the best options small businesses can choose from—whether the business is still growing or operating on a lean budget.

Unique out of most coatings is polyurethane’s excellent gloss retention and color. It typically offers a high-performance coating system without sacrificing its chemical or solvent resilience, either.

This resilience, paired with the material’s incredibly durable films, makes polyurethane’s chemistry one of the most used coating systems available. As you browse interior coating options, keep price, flexibility, and durability in mind. Your building's walls will benefit greatly.

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