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4 Visual Tips to Improving Productivity at the Office

February 21, 2022

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A full-time employee will work over 2,000 hours a year. A large amount of that may be spent in the office, so you’ll want to make their spaces as comfortable and thoughtfully designed as possible to help them stay focused and productive. A dark, dull, and cramped office just won’t cut it. We’ve compiled some tips to help you create an office space that employees want to work in.

Provide Opportunities for Movement

For many, work hours mean hours spent sitting at a desk. However, sitting too much poses several health risks, including vascular problems, back pain, spine issues, heart disease, weight gain, and obesity. We might also feel a 2 p.m. slump that drains our energy. A solution to all of these problems can be providing an office space that encourages employees to get up and move.

One way you can encourage movement is by providing sitting-standing desks. These adjustable desks allow employees to lower them when sitting and raise them when choosing to work while standing. This allows employees to change postures, burn more calories, and renew their focus by simply changing positions. Another option is to encourage changes in location around the office. By putting an emphasis on collaborative work areas, such as couches or outdoor picnic tables, employees will feel encouraged to take their laptops and work in a new location. Even a slight change in environment can snap your brain out of a productivity slowdown by changing up your routine.

And finally, offering a hybrid work schedule or work-from-home opportunities is a good solution to beating a workweek slump. Because of the pandemic, remote work opportunities have become more of an expectation among employees, and companies are finding it less necessary to have their staff in the office every business day. A hybrid schedule helps break up the week and allows employees to work in environments that best suit them without sacrificing the benefits of in-person collaboration.

Let the Outdoors In

Biophilia is the innate human instinct to connect with nature, but we tend to lose that when we spend a large part of our day in the office. There are ways we can break down the walls that keep us inside. An easy option is to add a variety of greenery around the office. Not only does it provide a more energetic work environment, but plants are also known to reduce noise by absorbing sound and improving air quality. Studies have also found that caring for plants in the office reduces stress. 

Another element to consider is natural light. A study by Future Workplace showed that employees crave natural light and an outdoor view. A third of participants felt they weren’t getting enough natural light and 47% felt tired or very tired without it. However, you can’t always control what windows you have in your office. An alternative is ensuring that employees have an outdoor space to work, whether it’s a courtyard, rooftop, or picnic tables.

Choose Colors Wisely

Color always matters, even when painting the walls in your office. Each color sets a different mood that can impact the productivity of your employees. Of course, you may want to match your brand but even when your options are limited, you’ll still want to choose wisely.

We recommend researching color psychology to create the work environment you want to foster. Blue is a popular go-to color for brands and provides a calm and trustworthy feeling. Red is passionate and high energy, known for increasing heart rate and blood flow. Yellow is a joyful and playful color to boost attention but can be perceived as aggressive when there’s too much present. Orange boosts creativity and determination but is often well used as an accent color.

Allow for Opportunities to Personalize

You work hard to make the office as inviting and productive as possible. While you take color psychology and decor into consideration, don’t forget to leave space for your employees to express themselves. Allowing them to personalize their desk or other open spaces increases engagement and fosters a more enthusiastic, collaborative environment. When employees are able to bring in family pictures or decorate a bulletin board, they feel a better sense of belonging and comfort.

The value of working with a cutting-edge team like Cochran & Mann is our dedication to continued growth and learning, as well as developing and fostering collaboration with our partners. Interested in working with us on your next project? Contact us today to get a quote.

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