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6 Benefits Of Zolatone Paint

October 10, 2018


To truly impress visitors, interior design in commercial spaces should include extraordinary wallcoverings. A memorable lobby starts with Zolatone paint. 

This unique product incorporates color balls into a water-based formula that results in a remarkable finished appearance. More than simply coating walls, Zolatone paint offers many benefits to your commercial painting project

Beautiful Dimensional Texture

The special color balls in the Polomyx line maintain their structure during application to achieve a multi-colored surface in one simple application. Like the rich textures and color mixes found in nature, Zolatone offers a tactile finish that's touchable.

Reminiscent of stone and wood, the blend of colors softens what could be stark, visual deserts of tall and long surfaces in your building. Airy lobbies, long hallways, and perimeter walkways stretching into the distance become artful elements to be admired.

As a side benefit, the textured paints tend to hide imperfections that would otherwise jump out under lesser paint products.

Eye-Catching, Even In The Dark

Are you looking for a true treat for the eye? Try the pearlescent, or mica-flaked paint lines. These styles reflect light and add a shimmer that bespeaks an above-average decorating taste. Plus, any of the Zolatone paints receive a photoluminescent additive that absorbs light and releases it in the dark.

Glow-in-the-dark paints serve perfectly for exits, stairwells, and any areas that pose navigational difficulties should the power go out. Once light shines again, the paint returns to its original beauty.

Infinite Color Schemes

With all the excellent features of Zolatone, they produce colors and finishes that are perfect for your design. Do you want to match certain colors in your carpet or upholstery? Any color combination unleashes your creativity, because Zolatone color options have no limits.

If your designs wander outside popular stock colors, Cochran & Mann will work closely with Zolatone to mix your colors and textures to perfection, no matter how custom they may be.

Easily Applied (And Repaired)

It's a fact that you can achieve multi-colored walls without using a specialty, high-performance paint. However, the standard techniques require extra labor and may result in an uneven or somewhat streaked appearance. Starting with a base color, the painters then would apply a coating of secondary then tertiary colors.

One of the best features of Zolatone paint is that all the colors are present in one can. Because of this, they spread evenly all at once. If damage occurs, it can be readily sanded, re-applied, and blended to invisibility. 

Tough And Durable

Regarding damaged paint, Zolatone builds impact resistance and durability in all their products. The Flex Pure Color line even incorporates a special stain-resistant technology that's perfect for high-traffic zones.

Scuffs and spills clean off easily, so school and hospital hallways or retirement homes remain beautiful much longer than you'd expect. Cafeterias, play areas, break rooms, elevator areas, locker rooms, gymnasiums, transportation terminals, and any area with extra activity also benefit from Flex Pure paint.

Environmentally Responsible

Why does Cochran & Mann prefer Zolatone over similar brands of paint? Besides the exceptional characteristics in their products, the company that produces Zolatone, Master Coating Technologies, loves a clean environment as much as we do. Their mission includes "three criteria; highest possible performance, lowest possible environmental footprint and greatest possible design impact."

They formulate each product to be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and capable of earning your commercial building EQ 4.2 points towards LEED certification. Not only do they create master-quality paint, they do it from a solar-powered headquarters. 

Strikingly beautiful, tactile, durable, and "green," Zolatone paint helps your commercial building stand out from the rest. Want to know more? Give us a call at Cochran & Mann. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will work with you as you design the interior of your commercial, educational, industrial, or healthcare facilities.

From floors to ceilings, new installations, and renovations, we deliver the professional interiors with an unmatched level of service. See what we can do for your commercial painting project.

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