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7 Surprising Advantages Of Whiteboard Paint

November 7, 2018


Whiteboard paint is an underrated alternative to traditional dry-erase boards. This innovative paint helps dry-erase markers draw more vividly and evenly across the surface. It also makes for easier erasing and cleaning (without hard scrubbing) in educational and office settings, as well as nurseries and daycares.

Many respected, long-standing businesses and institutions, including Harvard University, Starbucks, and Facebook, use whiteboard paint. To learn more about the advantages of whiteboard paint, check out Cochran & Mann’s list of benefits.

Whiteboard paint saves space.

Whiteboard paint saves space in a commercial building. A traditional whiteboard is erected every time it’s in use, but whiteboard paint is a space-saver that requires no physical exertion.

It also has unlimited sizing. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a standard six-by-four whiteboard in an unflattering frame, paint a whiteboard as big or small as you need it, and get rid of the clunky aluminum frame and wheels.

Whiteboard paint is eco-friendly and safe.

When a traditional whiteboard is too old or beaten up, it goes into the trash to make room for a new whiteboard. Whiteboard paint solves this environmental problem by lasting for more than a decade after a single coat.

It’s also water-based and accounts for a low level of VOCs. This means that it’s eco-friendly and non-harmful to users. Unlike oil-based paint, whiteboard paint doesn’t cause nausea, headaches, or dizziness upon inhalation because it’s virtually odorless.

Whiteboard paint is versatile.

Classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, and daycares all benefit from whiteboard paint. Use it to scribble equations, statistics, graphs, and mathematics or imaginative drawings, grocery lists, and more.

Whiteboard paint applies to nearly every surface.

Whiteboard paint is a coating that’s applied to any smooth paintable surface. It's applied to drywall, plaster, metal, tile, and other surfaces. (However, it’s not recommended for plastic.) Some whiteboard paints are ready to use within two days of application, while others take up to a week for the best results.

Whiteboard paint isn’t like other paints.

Whiteboard paint comes in clear or white. If you’d like a white dry-erase board, use the white whiteboard paint over a previously painted white substrate.

If you’d like a colored dry-erase board, use the clear whiteboard paint over a previously painted colored substrate. Most whiteboard paint works best as a coating to latex paint in a satin or semi-gloss sheen.

If you don’t want a painted dry-erase board anymore, paint over it like any other color or type of paint. Lightly sand the surface, prime, and paint.

Whiteboard paint doesn’t ghost.

Ghosting is a common problem with whiteboards. It’s when you write or draw something on the board, erase it, and a dark stain remains. It’s unsightly and difficult to read when writing or drawing over it. High-quality whiteboard paint doesn’t ghost or leave smudges behind.

Whiteboard paint is tech-savvy.

This texturing paint adopts new technology by partnering with Smartmarker. This allows you to use both products and stream whatever you’re drawing or writing on the board to an online audience, as well as sync it to smart apps.

Whiteboard paint is a smarter surface. It’s a space-saver compared to traditional whiteboards, and it’s more eco-friendly, lasts longer, and doesn’t create toxic fumes. Within a few days, whiteboard paint is ready to use on nearly any surface in any commercial setting. With more vivid colors and easier cleaning, it's the painting solution of the future.

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