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4 Benefits Of Magnetic Wallcovering In Your Office

November 8, 2019


You work hard. Why not let your office walls work hard with you? Everyone wants to maximize their workspace, and with magnetic wallcovering you’re able to do so to the fullest extent.

Magnetizing commercial wallcoverings is a growing trend that is helping businesses make the most of their workspaces. In fact, magnetic wallcovering was listed under the “Innovations and Advancements” category of the Global Wallcoverings Industry Market Report published by Global Industry Analysts in September 2018.

Installing magnetic wallcovering enables you to use your office walls in a multitude of ways while increasing organization and productivity along the way. Here are four of the best benefits of having magnetic wallcovering in your office:

1. Decluttering

Are you tired of mountains of paperwork piling up on your desk? Are you constantly scouring your work area frantically to find important documents or a phone number you jotted down? With magnetic wallcovering in your office, you won’t need to worry about these problems anymore.

Stock up on some magnets and simply stick important documents and notes to a wall near your desk. You’ll not only be able to keep track of all your paper materials easier this way, you’ll also save yourself time that can be allocated to more important tasks, thus increasing your overall productivity. With magnetic wallcovering, you can also take the various photos you have on your desk of your family and proudly hang them for the whole office to see.

2. Project Planning

When planning projects, you’ll be thankful if you have wallcoverings that can help. Magnetic wallcovering is the perfect choice for this application. You can utilize a specific space on your wall to place any papers, photos, or other documents that pertain to the particular project you’re working on. Adding to the functionality of magnetic wallcovering, these types of walls also have dry-erase capabilities, allowing you to write your ideas, share them, and erase to start fresh when you’re ready. Keep track of your deadlines easier by placing reminders right on the wall!

Using wallcoverings for project planning can provide much more room than a desk could. Having an entire wall dedicated to a project allows you to see how your project process is shaping up from start to finish and also gives you a quick glance into what step you’re currently on. Placing project materials on magnetic wallcovering also makes your work a bit more public to the rest of your office, inherently making you more productive and accountable.

3. Brainstorming

The project planning benefit of magnetic wallcoverings can be utilized on a group or individual level, but when it comes to needing to collaborate with others, there’s no better way to brainstorm than by having magnetic commercial wallcoverings in your office. 

Having the ability to stick items to a wall with magnets enables you to create idea boards that can be easily viewed and edited by you and your co-workers. Magnetic wallcovering can also be projected upon in flawless high-definition resolution, helping you share your vision with your team more easily. Having your entire office equipped with magnetic wallcovering allows for the flexibility of holding brainstorm meetings in the area that is most convenient for your whole team. 

4. Decorating

Magnetic wallcovering makes decorating the office much easier and less invasive. Magnetic signs can be hung and easily moved or removed without damaging walls. Posters or other signage can be held in place with magnets without having to nail or stick anything to the wallcoverings in your office.

If you get strong enough two-way magnets, the possibilities of what you can decorate your office walls with is virtually endless when you have magnetic wallcovering.

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The functionality of commercial magnetic wallcovering is something that should at least be explored by your business. By making one simple change to your commercial wallcovering, you can be well on your way to a more clutter-free and collaborative workspace. If you’re looking for new wallcovering, it’s best to contact a wallcovering professional like Cochran & Mann to see what would work best for your business.

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