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7 Surprising Benefits Of Wall Coverings

September 12, 2018


If you’re looking to add bold patterns, interesting colors, or artistic finishings to your commercial space, wallcovering is the answer.

Wallcovering isn’t wallpaper or paint. It’s like a giant poster for your wall that’s put on by professionals and lasts for years. It can mimic textures, customize to your brand, and change depending on your preference.

Here are the surprising benefits of this underrated commercial finish, according to the wallcovering experts at Cochran & Mann in Frederick, Maryland:

Wallcoverings enhance the look of your commercial building. For a true customer service experience, your business needs to stand out against its competition. There’s no less expensive and long-lasting way than with a wallcovering.

Each vinyl wallcovering enhances the look of a room and reinforces your brand, logo, color, or slogan. It creates a lasting impression, so visitors remember your products, services, and place of business better than those guys down the street.

Wallcoverings can add texture. It’s more than 2D wallpaper or paint. Wallcovering is capable of adding an entirely new texture to your commercial building. That means you don’t have to find a new commercial building with a statement wall texture.

Whether it’s faux brick, wood, or something totally new, wallcovering gives your room a 3D pop without the sacrifice of moving spaces.

Wallcovering is ideal for hiding imperfections. Are you in an imperfect commercial building with small holes and cracks in the wall? If you can’t afford building maintenance on inconsequential beauty marks, hide them with wallcovering. It’s a simple fix that lasts a long time.

Wallcovering can be customized. If you’re really looking to stand out, ask about a custom wallcovering. Customization is a cooler option than stock wallpaper or a plain coat of paint.

For example, Davis Construction in Arlington, Virginia, hired Cochran & Mann to incorporate 18 European patterns in a commercial office building.

These patterns created uniquely designed wallcoverings, which were manufactured in Europe. The distinct, Europe-adopted wallpaper designs and methods, including latex hand-screened inks combined with metallic powders, combined with Cochran & Mann’s use of floral designs. This commercial wallcovering project enhanced the experience of all visitors in these rooms.

Wallcoverings can be permanent or semi-permanent. Depending on the degree of permanence, wallcoverings can easily be changed. Want to switch themes between seasons? Do you have a new promotion that you’d like to share? Is a special event coming up?

For all these occasions, semi-permanent wallcovering is a great way to change up the feel and look of a room without making a too-drastic decision.

Wallcovering lasts longer than traditional paint and stock wallpaper. We love painting, but under normal usage conditions, wallcoverings last longer than a traditional commercial paint project.

According to PRI Graphics, a printing company in Arizona, “Wallcoverings...result in savings of up to 30 percent over time compared to paint.”

Wallcoverings require little to no maintenance. Commercial painting projects have to be regularly cleaned and applied with new coats to maintain appearance.

Yet, wallcoverings are durable and require little to no upkeep after installation. They’re even water- and stain-resistant with a vinyl top coating. Wipe it off with a damp rag to leave it fresh and clean.

Also, vinyl wallcovering is also free of acetone and turpentine. These are chemicals that are commonly found in other building materials. This chemical-free factor means wallcovering doesn’t produce dangerous fumes or hinder indoor air quality.

Clean and breathe easy, because a low-maintenance, durable wallcovering tends to last for years before needing repairs or replacements. That saves you a lot of money on commercial building maintenance costs.

Wallcovering doesn't cause mold or mildew, which is especially helpful in the hospitality industry. Microvented wallcovering is a "proactive approach to deal with mold and mildew," according to Len-Tex.

While wallcovering isn't the cause of mold and mildew, it's susceptible to the harmful pathogens. Len-Tex developed microvented wallcovering to punch "150 nearly invisible penetrations per square inch into the face. In doing so, the microvented wallcovering allows moisture to diffuse through the wall to the cooler side of the interior. The building HVAC system then performs its dehumidification process."

This reduces "the probability of the wall cavity reaching the dew point" and prevents water condensation within the wall.

Wallcovering is a near-perfect solution for all commercial buildings. It can be customized, add texture, hide imperfections, and be changed. It also lasts longer with less maintenance than wallpaper or painting.

If you’re interested in learning more about wallcovering, download Cochran & Mann’s Styling With Wallcovering Guide. Click on the button below: 

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