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Benjamin Moore: A Commitment to Community

June 2, 2020

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore had humble beginnings before turning into the industry-leading, global paint supplier that it is today. In 1883, the family-owned business was started by the Moore brothers with a commitment to sell paint through independent sellers. Since then, Benjamin Moore has remained true to independent sellers and committed to giving back to the communities that they serve.

Through years of dedication, innovation, and success, Benjamin Moore was eventually acquired by Warren Buffett’s parent company, Berkshire Hathaway. Even as the family-owned business evolved into a publicly traded company, Buffett honored the original promise of the Moore brothers to only sell through independent retailers and continue to give back to the community. 

With the growth that the company has experienced since being acquired, Benjamin Moore is now able to give back even more. They have developed a robust corporate responsibility program that focuses on four key areas: product, people, planet, and partnerships. 


Benjamin Moore has been a company focused on innovation since the very beginning. Their core value is to solve everyday pain points through their unique paint applications, while ensuring that health and safety are kept at the forefront of every product. 

Features of Benjamin Moore paint products include reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, five points under LEED’s (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) newest environmental standards, Green Seal™, and Cradle to Cradle Certified™. 

The paint supplier places heavy investment into the research and development of their product lines to ensure that they are always pushing the envelope in regards to new applications, better quality, and increased safety. When you receive a can of Benjamin Moore paint, you can rest assured that the final result will be an “impeccable quality with an unrivaled richness of color.”


Benjamin Moore has developed a deep relationship and pride around the diversity of its employees and the healthy work environment that they provide them. The company employees more than 1,700 North Americans across a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. 

One of the most empowering statistics that shows just how progressive Benjamin Moore is on the equality and diversity front is that “28% of the leadership positions are held by women at the Director level and above.” Benjamin Moore also has equal representation from the various generations of today. Diversity has become one of the company’s strongest competitive advantages, as they are able to leverage the input from a wide collection of employees to deliver a quality product and service for all. 

Benjamin Moore takes a dedicated approach to the holistic health and wellness of their employees with a key focus on their physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and purposeful well-being. The main objective for Benjamin Moore isn’t just to make quality paint for the world, but to create a deep sense of purpose and support for their employees and families. 


Benjamin Moore places significant effort and investment into optimizing efficiency in their operations to reduce air emissions and waste. The paint supplier invests significantly in building their energy management, biodiversity, waste management, and sustainable transportation programs. In addition, they are fully compliant with all regulations in an effort to make sure their work environment and product are created with the well-being of our planet in mind. They have had no major regulatory violation at their distribution facilities in over five years.

Interested in finding out more about the efforts that Benjamin Moore is taking to protect the planet? Read more here


The GIVING MOORE program was created by Benjamin Moore with the goal of “inspiring and transforming North American communities by supporting programs and nonprofit organizations that open doors, provide stability and preserve our history for generations to come.” The program accounts for 1,000 volunteer employee hours per year, preservation of historic places in the United States, education programs, and more. 

One of the shining contributions that Benjamin Moore makes through its GIVING MOORE program is its donations to the Gary Sinise Foundation. The foundation helps support veterans, first responders, and their families through several programs offered, such as building smart homes tailored to meet the needs of injured veterans who have returned home from combat. As a sponsor of the Gary Sinise Foundation, Benjamin Moore has provided over 6,200 gallons of paint and “helped welcome home more than 30 severely wounded veterans and their families to specially adapted smart homes.”

In an interview with Cochran & Mann, Mike Mundwiller, a field development manager at Benjamin Moore said, “It is quite an honor, as a Benjamin Moore employee, to see the work that Gary Sinise does and to see our company step up and support such a program.”

Cochran & Mann is honored to be a partner and help support a business that since its beginning has held strong to its promise to give back to the community. We take deep pride in knowing that our support of Benjamin Moore plays a role in their ability to give back. Benjamin Moore will continue to be one of our most trusted partners, not just because they offer a quality product, but because of what the company stands for.

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