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Celebrating Women in Construction Week with Cochran & Mann

March 7, 2024



As Women in Construction Week unfolds this first week of March, Cochran & Mann, a commercial painting company serving Maryland, Virginia, and DC, takes pride in recognizing the contributions of women within our industry. We are honored to celebrate our team members' diverse talents and expertise, including the remarkable women who play key roles in our success.

About Women in Construction Week

The driving force behind Women in Construction Week, annually held the first week in March, is the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). For over six decades, NAWIC has been at the forefront of championing women's participation and success in the construction industry.

Founded in 1955, NAWIC has dedicated itself to promoting the role of women in construction, advocating for equal opportunities, and providing resources for professional development within the field. With a network spanning over 100 chapters across the United States, NAWIC is an advocate, educator, and resource for women at every stage of their construction careers. 

The chapters closest to Cochran & Mann are NOVA, Baltimore, and Greater Washington DC. We have been proud sponsors of NAWIC events and have supported employees who have held leadership positions on their respective chapter boards.

This year marks the 26th Annual NAWIC Women in Construction Week. The 2024 theme, Keys to the Future, “celebrates the strength and knowledge of women and their vital role in shaping the construction industry's future.” 

Cochran & Mann, Empowering Excellence

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, women comprise just 10.9% of construction industry jobs. This statistic underscores a significant gender disparity within the field and why organizations like NAWIC are so important. A Cochran & Mann, we are also doing our part to defy this industry norm.

From leadership positions to project managers to on-site painters, the team at Cochran & Mann is proud to create an environment for all to excel and advance in the commercial painting industry. Through mentorship, training, and culture, we support our team members' diverse talents and expertise, including the remarkable women who play integral roles in our success.

As we reflect on the significance of Women in Construction Week, we reaffirm our dedication to creating opportunities for women to excel and advance within our industry. Our commitment to excellence extends to encouraging an inclusive environment where all individuals are valued and empowered. 

Diverse Perspectives, Collective Strength

At Cochran & Mann, the strength of our team lies in the diversity of perspectives and experiences we bring to the table. 

Mary V, one of our valued team members, shared her perspective on being a painter at Cochran & Mann. She finds joy in the variety of tasks she performs daily, from meeting new people to exploring different places. Despite the challenges of working in a traditionally male-dominated field, Mary's resilience shines through. 

She overcomes obstacles by leveraging tools and seeking assistance when needed, emphasizing the importance of demonstrating capability through action. Mary's advice to aspiring women in the construction trades is simple yet powerful: 

“It doesn’t matter what people say if you know who you are and what you are capable of doing. That’s all. Demonstrate it with your work and not with words. And as we all know, construction seems to be a hard job, but honestly, it is not - we only need to work smarter and not harder.”

This glimpse into Mary's experiences underscores our commitment to creating an inclusive environment where every team member's voice is valued and respected. By embracing diversity and empowering individuals of all backgrounds, we strengthen our collective ability to innovate, collaborate, and succeed in the construction industry.

At Cochran & Mann, we celebrate the unique contributions of women like Mary and remain dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

Join Us in Celebrating Women in Construction Week!

Join us in celebrating Women in Construction Week by recognizing the invaluable contributions of women within our industry. Whether through leadership, craftsmanship, or innovation, women at Cochran & Mann inspire us all to reach higher and build a brighter future together.

At Cochran & Mann, we're proud to stand alongside the talented women who embody our commitment to excellence and drive our continued success. Here's to Women in Construction Week and the limitless possibilities we create together.


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