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Cochran & Mann 2021 Crestcom BPM Leadership Program Graduates

March 30, 2021

Cochran & Mann 2021 Crestcom BPM Leadership Program Graduates

Cochran & Mann is proud to be honoring its own this week, as six project management professionals from our ranks have just completed the Crestcom BPM Leadership Program

This year-long program covers 24 critical leadership topics and requires participants to develop action plans to put what they have learned into practice. By completing this program, our project management team is bringing a new level of excellence to the Cochran & Mann organization.

Preparing Managers for Real World Challenges

For over thirty years, Crestcom International has been a global leader in leadership development. The organization offers leadership training opportunities in over 60 countries, and this year the time-tested program was forced to adapt to virtual learning. 

The Crestcom BPM Leadership Development program is aimed at bringing real results that help graduates improve their own performance as well as the performance of the entire organization. By ensuring Cochran & Mann’s project management team is equipped with the skills managers need to lead effective, efficient, and productive teams.

Rising Stars on the Cochran & Mann Project Management Team

Cochran & Mann Senior Project Manager Keith McDonald, Project Managers Kevin DeMaille, Ben Davies, Heather Lucia, Janina DelGallo, and Assistant Project Manager David Castellanos all worked incredibly hard to complete their leadership development training, and they walked away with both a recognized credential and a suite of new skills. 

In addition to new management techniques, these professionals built upon their communication skills, improving the manner in which they can both serve our customers and support our team. They also mastered key strategies regarding customer focus, time and energy management, problem solving, and strategic thinking, as well as integral team development, recruiting, and retention practices. 

Thanks to their commitment to learning and applying new skills, the professionals on the Cochran & Mann project management team are helping build a better future for the company, its customers, and the team that supports them. 

As President Mike Cochran said about the recent Leadership Program graduates, “I am so proud of these 6 individuals who, given the opportunity to learn new skills, jumped in and committed themselves over 12 consecutive months. When March came and the pandemic changed the world, this group stayed the course. They went ‘virtual’ and continued learning business and management techniques which ultimately strengthened key roles within our organization. I see them taking on challenges with even more confidence now.”

All of Mr. Cochran’s praise is well earned, and the entire company is proud of the stellar professionals on the project management team. Congratulations to all of our graduates!

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