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Employee Highlight: The Turrell Team

July 22, 2021

Turrell Team

While the Cochran & Mann team is like a family to its employees, Charlie and Brandon Turrell have a special connection within that dynamic: they’re father and son. With a combined 10 years of working at Cochran & Mann, the Turrell duo has shared their passion for painting, connecting with clients, and a job well done. 

Charlie Turrell, senior project manager at Cochran & Mann, brings 45 years of experience in painting, and the ethos that “quality comes first,” to the jobs he oversees.  By continually honing his craft through extensive experience, he continues to embody and uphold Cochran & Mann’s reputation for excellence. 

His management role means that he is kept busy meeting with clients and planning out major projects for Cochran & Mann on a daily basis. During Charlie’s professional career, though, he says his proudest achievement is getting to watch his son, Brandon, become a capable, respected estimator at Cochran & Mann, and working with him every day. 

Brandon worked in the industry for eight years before coming to Cochran & Mann. He sees the team’s professionalism as critical in his decision to work with them, while he also appreciates the fun side at the office.

“Especially through the challenges of the last year or so, Cochran & Mann has maintained that friendly yet professional atmosphere and its focus on quality workmanship,” said Brandon. 

Day to day, Brandon works hard to meet deadlines for his estimates, where he gets to analyze architectural designs and create take-offs based on those projects.

Brandon sees the role that technology plays in innovating the field of painting and planning, as does Charlie in his management role. Advanced architectural visualization programs and infield tablets demonstrate how Cochran & Mann has kept its team on the leading edge of the industry. By implementing new tools to make each project a manifestation of their pride in both the process and the finished product, Cochran & Mann has developed their reputation for high quality over the past 30 years. 

“I feel like lots of little things are changing all the time, without compromising the overall culture and ideals of the company. Cochran & Mann is always trying to improve, whether that’s new hardware or software upgrades, various training and classes, or looking into new methods and technologies,” Brandon reflects.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., and now working in the surrounding area, Charlie is especially proud of putting his developed skill set to work for the betterment of the community on behalf of Cochran & Mann. 

“I’m just starting to work with Davis Construction on a new project to assist restaurants affected by pandemic shutdowns,” said Charlie. “Davis Construction will be donating repairs, heating and air upgrades, electric, and finish upgrades to restaurants in the D.C. area.” 

As Cochran & Mann looks back on its 30 years of excellence, the Turrell family duo continues to embody the company’s spirit of a commitment to quality and a dedication to making strong connections with clients.

Father and son agree that working at Cochran & Mann comes with welcome challenges, and even on the most stressful days, coming home with a sense of accomplishment is a reward unto itself. 

When the workday is over, you may see Charlie riding away on his ‘Chopper Blue Pearl’ (his favorite color of paint) Harley Davidson motorcycle, which has been to all the lower 48 states. 

Brandon is dedicated to his job but finds time to nerd out on video games when he isn’t in the office. Still, when asked what his favorite paint color is, he admitted: “I like any color of paint, as long as Cochran & Mann is applying it.”

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