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Employee Spotlight: Ben Davies

April 27, 2021

Ben Davies

It didn’t take long for Project Manager Ben Davies to become a favorite among Cochran & Mann clients and coworkers. The fact that he specializes in schools and health care facilities and that his most memorable project is working for Blue Heron Elementary School speaks volumes about who Ben is and how he reflects Cochran & Mann's company values. 

“I enjoy working on schools and the painting that is involved, as well as working in the community in which I live,” Ben explains.

You might say Ben has been a part of the Cochran & Mann family since childhood. His grandfather’s positive experience working for Cochran & Mann many years ago is the very thing that first inspired young Ben’s interest in the paint industry. 

Ben has been learning about the industry since childhood and credits his grandfather for teaching him many of the skills he relies on today — including lessons on how to drive a skid loader at the age of 4!

The excellent work ethic handed down from his grandfather may be the reason Ben’s favorite part of the job is to oversee a project from start to finish.

A typical workday for Ben starts with checking emails, making phone calls, working in the office, and visiting sites to make sure that all of the projects he oversees are running smoothly. 

Ben Davies

“When I am in the office, much of my time is spent collaborating with general contractors and vendors to ensure that projects are on schedule and that they have the materials they need in order to stay productive,” he reports.

At heart, Ben is all about community. He enjoys building relationships with clients and other members of the Cochran & Mann management team. He relishes the satisfaction of a hard day’s work and feeling like he’s accomplished something meaningful at the end of the day.

Ben takes pride in his role as project manager. While he has already earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland in Business Management, Ben is never one to rest on his laurels. He finds that night classes present a great opportunity to improve his skills. In fact, one of the things Ben most appreciates about Cochran & Mann is the company’s attitude toward continued education. He says, “Cochran & Mann is always trying to expand our education, and they look for positive growth.”

With over 30 years of success behind them, Cochran & Mann has survived and learned to thrive through many changes. The challenges of 2020 were no exception. On this topic, Ben says, “The company culture has been transformed over the past 18 months. We’ve adapted to change due to the pandemic and need to work virtually, as well as transitioning back into the office. The biggest change in our industry is watching the trend towards a more virtual platform and the integration of new technology.”

Whatever changes are yet to come, Ben and the entire team at Cochran & Mann are sure to weather them. Already looking to the future, Ben shares, “My next major milestone is to take on more of a leadership role and expand my growth as a project manager.”

When he’s not trying to find a way to integrate his favorite color (4081 Safety Red) into a project, you can find Ben working out at the gym or enjoying outdoor activities with his family. Ben’s one piece of advice? “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Learn from them!”

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