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Employee Spotlight: Miranda Hobbs

February 22, 2024


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In every workplace, there's that one person who just lights up the room with their energy and drive. At Cochran & Mann, that person is Miranda Hobbs. Miranda's journey with the company started back in high school when she joined as an Assistant Project Manager, working alongside her uncle, Will Cochran Jr. 

From there, she pretty much did it all - assisting project managers, handling project billings, supporting the team through ordering and tracking samples, and setting up project files. She even pitched in with the Comptroller's tasks. Her can-do attitude and willingness to be a utility player, supporting business activities on every level, were an invaluable contribution to Cochran & Mann. 

It was during this whirlwind of responsibilities that Miranda discovered her passion for accounting. So, she hit the books for four years,  earning a Business Finance and Accounting degree from Mount St. Mary's. Her drive, business acumen, and bright disposition prepared her to take over as lead accountant when her predecessor retired in 2022.

Miranda's story is a testament to the growth and opportunity here at Cochran & Mann, and we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on her journey.  

What do you enjoy most about your role at Cochran & Mann?

“I enjoy that my role interacts with all of the departments within the company, so I am able to stay informed on upcoming and ongoing projects and keep in communication with everyone."

By interacting with the project managers and field teams, Miranda gains valuable insights into upcoming and ongoing projects, which is crucial for accurate financial tracking and reporting. Her comprehensive understanding of the company's activities helps Cochran & Mann manage project billings and ensure accurate financial records. Open communication with our departments and teams fosters a collaborative environment and ensures our financial processes run smoothly.

What makes it a great place to work for you? 

“Cochran & Mann is a great place to work because everyone cares about each other. We all help each other out and make sure no one person is taking on all the work. Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Providing the best commercial painting and wall covering services to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland starts with the best team, working together and taking pride in their work.

From project planning and execution to client communication and quality assurance, every aspect of our operations is interconnected, making teamwork essential for delivering exceptional results. Each department plays a crucial role in ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. Cochran & Mann’s family culture and collaborative is a winning combination for our customers.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in the commercial painting industry?

“Listen to the advice given by others around you. Try to learn as much as you can from experiencing it."

We have a mentorship culture at Cochran & Mann and are excited to provide upskilling opportunities to help empower employees along their career paths. We’re thankful to our leadership’s willingness to share their experience and knowledge to promote professional growth in the commercial painting industry.

Any tips for maintaining a work/life balance?

“Don’t check your emails as soon as you wake up. Take a half hour to wake up, drink coffee, and shower. When I get home from work after dinner, I turn my phone notifications off for an hour so I can have uninterrupted time with my family, and I am not worried about checking my phone as soon as it comes. In a world where your work is with you 24/7, you need to take time to turn it off and think about something else. Otherwise, burnout will happen.” 

Burnout can sneak up on even the most dedicated professionals. Long hours, tight deadlines, and physically demanding work can take a toll on commercial painting teams, even in the back office. At Cochran & Mann, maintaining our high standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction means ensuring our employees have a healthy work/life balance.

Cochran & Mann's Commitment

Miranda's contributions not only reflect her individual achievements but also mirror the company culture at Cochran & Mann. As we celebrate her accomplishments, we reaffirm our pledge to continue providing opportunities for personal and professional development, ensuring the success of both our employees, clients, and projects.


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