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Use Color Trends in Your Commercial Building to Attract New Tenants

January 24, 2023



It’s all about first impressions and you never get a second chance. In fact, you only have seven seconds to make that positive first impression. 

Commercial buildings are no different. When showing a space to a potential tenant, those first seven seconds are crucial in converting them to sign a lease. If you have such little time to capture a positive first impression, then where should you focus your efforts to make the space as appealing as possible?

Fifty-five percent of first impressions are made based on visuals—what people see. It is difficult to create a visual impact when showing an empty space to a tenant. However, color is one factor that is easy to control and can quickly grab attention. Let’s jump into the color trends of 2023 and how to utilize them for your commercial space:

Color Trends of 2023

Because of the explosion of work-from-home jobs, companies are focusing on creating spaces that entice employees to return to the office. With the world still adapting to a complete change in how we engage with each other, PPG sees serenity and duality as primary drivers behind the 2023 color trends. 

Earthy tones

With the amount of flux that we’ve experienced in the past several years, we need to find ways to stay grounded. Earthy colors invoke a sense of calmness that comes with connecting to nature. Some excellent earthy color palettes are just outside our front door. Think of combinations of rich browns, deep blues, pale greens, and soft pinks.

Warm neutrals

Serenity is all about finding internal peace and developing a positive relationship with ourselves. Warm neutrals help us succeed at finding that serenity, and they pair well with the earthy tones mentioned above. Think shades of brown, such as taupe, beige, and almond.

Contrasting colors

Duality creates a dynamic and bold atmosphere. It’s produced by pairing powerful contrasting colors. Think vibrant brights, clean pastels, and strong neutrals. For example, a contemporary twist on an old-school color palette includes a soft off-white, contrasting dark gray, and a pop of deep blue-green.

Pro Tips

If you’re ready to jump on these color trends, here are some tips that will help you utilize them for the right impression:

Think about usage

Above everything, a tenant needs to envision themselves in the space. Neutral colors are always a go-to. Neutrals serve as a blank canvas where tenants can let their imaginations run wild. That’s why it’s crucial to think critically when applying bold colors to a space.

Instead of choosing one color for the entire space, lean on a combination of neutrals and pops of color. Pick a shade of white, beige or gray as the primary color and then utilize a trendy color in smaller portions. This could be on an accent wall or door trim.

Consider the Impact of Colors

As we’ve discussed thus far, different colors evoke different emotions. The trending earthy tones are cool colors, which elicit a calming response. Meanwhile, warm colors evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Reds, yellows, and oranges grab your attention and inspire action.

The brightness of these colors also impacts emotional responses. Brighter shades are more uplifting while muted shades are more relaxing. What kind of response do you want to evoke for your potential tenants? The answer to that question will impact your palette.

Stay Flexible

Keep in mind that all these recommendations are trends. Trends come and go. When painting spaces, keep an open mind to the changing preferences of tenants. What worked last year to secure a tenant might not work this year. If you need help picking the right palette, turn to the experts!

Turn to the Experts

Not only do you want to jump on the trends, but you also want to guarantee that such a project is worth it. That’s why turning to the experts is a time and cost-effective way to create an impact that will impress potential tenants.

Professional commercial painters provide high-quality finishes that make the right impression. They save you time and money by applying their experience to maximize efficiency. Plus, professional painters can provide expert advice that ensures you’ll be satisfied with the result in the long term. And finally, they can safely get the job done by preventing structural damage, creating a safe working environment, and reducing liabilities.

If you need a professional painting and wallcovering contractor in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland, contact us today for a quote.

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