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Lighting the Path: Our Partnership with PERMALIGHT®

November 24, 2021

Luminescent stairs

Cochran & Mann has been dedicated to excellence in the painting and wallcovering industry for thirty years. This dedication to quality is evident not only in our own work but the partnerships we have formed over time. These carefully selected and well-developed relationships with our partners and suppliers allow us to add value to our client’s projects. Craftsmanship and loyalty are cornerstones that form the foundation of a long and rewarding history as the leading paint and wallcovering company in the Washington, D.C. area. 

It is with great excitement that we highlight a new partnership with American PERMALIGHT®, a leading manufacturer of photoluminescent safety products. Beginning in 1988, American PERMALIGHT® has manufactured photoluminescent signs and luminous egress path markings. These products help guide people safely out of darkened spaces like buildings, vehicle tunnels, trains, ships, and mines. Their glow-in-the-dark safety products help building and vehicular occupants safely find their way during a power failure, building fire with smoke, natural disasters, and other emergencies.  

The PERMALIGHT® line of products are used around the world, and even in outer space on the International Space Station. Many prominent buildings rely on American PERMALIGHT® products for safe egress guidance and signage. Some major projects utilizing PERMALIGHT® are federal buildings, LAX, and One World Trade Center. 

PERMALIGHT® products include:

  • UL924 Listed EXIT signs
  • IBC/IFC compliant UL1994 
  • Safety Bumper Guards
  • Photoluminescent safety products
  • New York City Local Law 26 products
    • Photoluminescent combined signage
    • Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings (MEA-Certified)
  • New York City Local Law 141 products
    • Emergency Exit Symbols per Local Law 141
    • Photoluminescent requirements per local law
  • Floor Markings (Non-glow)
  • Social Distancing Solutions

Cochran & Mann is proud to be a PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partner and to highlight the American PERMALIGHT® line of products. As a trusted partner, Cochran & Mann brings not only painting and wallcovering services, but safety signage and egress path markings to our clients. These expanded offerings require extensive training and certification and for this reason, Cochran & Mann are the only certified American PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partner in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland area. 

To become a Professional status certified partner and installer with American PERMALIGHT®, the Cochran & Mann team spent numerous hours participating in virtual training sessions. During these virtual training sessions, a total review of the PERMALIGHT® product offerings was completed so that the team knows the ins and outs of every photoluminescent safety product offering. They also completed installation training in order to learn the proper installation of the Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System for future projects. Finally, these trainings certified Cochran & Mann to provide resale of the American PERMALIGHT® line of products to our clients and collaborators. 

Every company knows that the success of a project is determined by the quality of the collaboration throughout the project timeline. Working with a Certified American PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partner ensures that you're making material and install decisions that limit risk for the project and the space is completed. Using industry-leading products installed by a company with the service record of Cochran & Mann is the smart decision for making buildings and spaces safe using photoluminescent egress path marking and signage. 

“We at Cochran & Mann are thrilled to be partnering with American PERMALIGHT® to utilize our training as a certified partner to bring an excellent line of photoluminescent safety products to our clients, adding value to their projects”, says CEO Mike Cochran. When considering if a photoluminescent safety product is right for your project it is important to think of the local and state codes and requirements, as well as the overall safety plan for the space. Buildings being accessed by the public have a greater responsibility to safety and clear guidance for egress and emergency routes. Federal buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, large office spaces, industrial and manufacturing, as well as any space moving a significant number of people through are excellent candidates for photoluminescent installs. 

The value of working with a cutting-edge team like Cochran & Mann is our dedication to continued growth and learning, as well as developing and fostering collaboration with our partners. For over 30 years we have made it our mission to provide quality and value to our clients' projects. The team at Cochran & Mann uses extensive product and installation training to meet the needs of each and every project they take part in. Reach out today with your paint, wallcovering, and photoluminescent egress and safety signage needs and experience how collaboration and partnership with Cochran & Mann will take your project to the next level.

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