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Is Paint Or Wallcovering Better For Your Building?

August 14, 2019


A common question that Cochran & Mann techs are asked is, “Do you recommend paint or wallcovering?”

It depends on your commercial building and goals.

Here’s a list of what to consider what deciding between paint and wallcovering:

Preparation. For commercial applications, a wallcovering or painting professional helps with either project. However, the prep time could affect the entire commercial project timeline and vary based on your design goals.

For example, removing wallcovering is a tedious task that requires professional tools for the best job. (Do-it-yourself wallcovering stripping isn’t recommended due to the harsh chemicals, dangerous stripping tools, and potential damage to you and the wall.)

Yet, fixing or painting over wall imperfections or an existing coat is fairly easy for a painting professional. It also typically requires less preparation time than wallcovering, which could shorten your commercial project timeline.

Appearance. Wallcovering and paint come in nearly unlimited options. Various colors, patterns, textures, customization, and other aesthetic preferences are available to choose from. Depending on your preference in design, wallcovering or paint could work for your commercial project.

A good tip is that paint usually makes a room feel bigger. Wallcovering tends to make rooms feel small and cozy.

Durability. Wallcovering is very durable and holds up to daily wear and tear, high-traffic areas, and messiness. This is great for commercial application in parts of hospitals, restaurants, and recreational buildings.

However, because wallpaper is applied with adhesive, high-moisture areas cause wallcovering to peel away or scrunch. Avoid wallcovering in bathrooms, kitchens, and gym-like environments.

Depending on the finish, paint is also a durable option that toughs out most environments. Finishing sheen is usually reserved for trim, exterior doors, and small projects. Satin, eggshell, and flat sheens are usually for interior walls. It’s also a great option for moisture-ridden rooms if mildew-resistant paint is used.

When it comes to damage, though, the paint type doesn’t matter. Any paint can chip when a wall is damaged, scraped, or hit.

Overall, wallcovering lasts three times as long as paint. However, wallcovering and paint are equally as susceptible to everyday damage depending on the amount of traffic and building type.

Expense. Choosing between these options often depends on your budget. Most averages determine that paint is less expensive, but whether you choose wallcovering or paint, the expense is mainly dependent upon the professional preparation and installation. That’s why it’s important to find a painting or wallcovering professional that’s experienced with high-quality work.

Maintenance. This factor affects expense, too. Calculating the long-term cost, paint usually requires more maintenance than wallcovering. Both require an occasional sponge, warm water, and hand soap to clean when necessary.

Yet, paint tends to chip easier and more often than wallcovering peels. That’s when repainting costs more in maintenance. Wallcovering is likely a one-and-done job.

Which should you choose for your commercial building? Both offer beautiful appearances and enhance the look of your commercial building, but wallcovering is more durable and requires less maintenance than paint. However, paint is usually less expensive and requires less preparation.

To choose which is best for your commercial building, look at your goals. To save on budget and time, look into paint. If you don’t have time for maintenance or work in a high-traffic, low-humidity environment, consider wallcovering. It’s all about your needs.

For more information about wallcovering, download Cochran & Mann’s Styling With Wallcovering Guide. Click on the button below to get started:

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