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Painting with a Passion: Interviews with the Cochran & Mann Team

August 24, 2021

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Three decades of success in any business or industry is quite an accomplishment. Even the most successful companies listed on the S&P 500 only last for 18 years on average. The Cochran & Mann team spent some time reflecting back on the last 30 years of business and what has led to their unprecedented longevity of success. It all boils down to a simple phrase — “People painting with a passion.”

What Inspires Cochran & Mann?

Inspiration is one of the most important elements of longevity and success. Without it, teams lack the drive to deliver the exceptional craftsmanship it takes to maintain a company for decades. That’s why we asked the team members at Cochran & Mann what inspires and motivates them to work hard every single day.

Almost every answer was centered around providing extraordinary service to Cochran & Mann’s clients. Another answer that was seen throughout many of the responses was creating beautiful spaces that make a permanent and positive impact on the community.

“I love to see uniqueness and I love to work on a project that's mission is deeply connected to what we do,” said Roger Cochran, Estimator at Cochran & Mann. “Every project that our team works on has an enormous impact on the community and it's amazing to see it go from just a vision to a final product that is used every day.”

What Past Projects Display Cochran & Mann’s Passion for Paint?

Cochran & Mann’s portfolio of work is filled to the brim with extraordinary, dynamic, and stunning projects. It quickly becomes very noticeable that the team of craftsmen at Cochran & Mann have poured all of their energy and effort into every brushstroke, mural, and wallcovering they have applied over the last 30 years.

We asked the team which projects over the years they believe best encompass their passion for work. Dozens of projects were mentioned, many of which brought up forgotten memories and stories from the past. The landscape of Washington D.C. and Baltimore has forever been beautifully altered by our team of experts who have played an integral role in many of the schools, hospitals, medical centers, museums, sports facilities, and other buildings in the community.

Out of all the projects mentioned, however, a few stood out. The most notable projects commonly discussed were Reston Station, Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, International Spy Museum, 2050 M Street, PBS Offices, and Cole Field House.

How Has Cochran & Mann Perfected The Art of Painting?

30 years of success in the painting industry doesn’t just happen by chance. For more than 109,000 consecutive days, the Cochran & Mann team has dedicated themselves to learn and become better than the day before. This constant commitment to internal growth has been a massive contributing factor in the team's success.

“All of our team members work incredibly hard to go above and beyond for our customers on every project,” said Keith McDonald, Senior Project Manager. “However, we also place major importance on listening to our own employees. That’s always been key to our progress.”

Even with the success Cochran & Mann has experienced, there have been lessons learned through failure over the years.

“Using lessons we’ve learned from previous projects, both good and bad, has enabled our team to elevate and maintain our high standard of excellence,” said Cochran.

What Does The Future of Paint for Cochran & Mann Look Like?

Just like every other sector in the United States, the paint industry is changing at a rapid speed. In order to stay on the bleeding edge, the Cochran & Mann team must be constantly evolving and pushing the envelope. When asked how they plan to hone their skills and evolve with this rapid pace, the team said that their passion for paint and the constant pursuit of excellence will lead the way.

“Our team has mastered the skills required to do this work at the highest level and that will never change,” said Cochran. “We must continue to keep open and honest communication as our guiding principle to ensure we evolve with the times and keep our clients and employees satisfied.”

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