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What are the Big Trends in Exterior Paint and Design for 2021?

January 28, 2021

Exterior Painting

Each year brings popular new colors and styles as trends and preferences shift. If you’ve ever walked into a house or business last painted in the 90’s, you know how important keeping up with paint color trends can be. Consider how popular colors have changed over time for context on what 2021 will bring. This year, expect to see a lot of Aegeon Teal, Swiss Coffee, and Urban Bronze. But more than specific colors, designers expect to see consumers choose colors that make them feel at ease. 

In addition to a change in the most popular paint colors, there are other exterior design trends emerging that were heavily influenced by the increasing prevalence of working at home.

What are Specific Colors and Color Schemes for 2021?

If there was ever a year when most of the world needs more calm and comfort in their life it would be 2021. Color schemes are no exception as soothing colors such as Aegon Teal, smoky whites, charcoal grays, and earthy neutrals are the leading exterior paint choices. This year, think meditation and relief when you’re picking out exterior paint colors and leave the frantic, energetic colors for other aspects of life. One exception to the earth toned trend is the front door. Many designers are suggesting you choose a vibrant, eye catching color for your door in order to give your building some pop. 

Otherwise, the ultra-modern look is now more earth colored and natural than neon and space-aged. Consider Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year, Urbane Bronze, as a good example of the types of colors popular in 2021. As Southern Living put it, 2021 color trends are exactly what we need right now – promoting mental well-being, warmth, and restoration. One of the best parts of the popular 2021 colors is that the muted, earth tones recommended this year are good practical choices for longevity due to their ability to look okay even as the color fades and the fact that earth tones stay in style better than some of the brighter more experimental trends of past years. 

Painted Front Door

How Do I Choose an Exterior Paint Color? 

Choosing a paint color for your house or business can be daunting. After all, it’s the first thing that anyone sees when they arrive and what’s more, you expect to have that color for at least five years or until the paint starts to fade. To start, browse the most popular colors for 2021. These colors are sure to age well because of their popularity and professional input. If you want to buck the trends you can use that color palette as a starting place to inform your color choice or you can use one of the most popular colors for primary color, then choose your own accents for the trim, fascia, etc.

You’ll also want to consider your neighborhood and vegetation around your house. Your neighbor’s color choices may impact your choice, but still let popular colors inform your decision and make sure you’re not feeding into the madness of crowds. Think about whether the block will really look better with three lime green houses instead of two.

The type of vegetation around your house or business also factors into your color selection. Whether you’re surrounded by deciduous flowering trees, thick evergreens, or desert plants should all play into what color you choose. In some cases, like certain seasonally blooming plants you may want to choose a paint color that best compliments that bloom. This is particularly true for marketing photos for business or real estate purposes. 

Some of the other considerations are the type of building materials you have including your roof and even the climate. Ideal paint selections in generally overcast, gray areas might differ from sunny, bright regions.  The bottom line though is you should choose a color that you like or that you think will be best for your business or real estate purposes. 

Spy Museum Exterior

Speaking of bold exteriors, have you checked out our dynamic work on the International Spy Museum?

What’s New in Exterior Design in 2021? 

Color isn’t the only thing that changes year to year. Exterior design trends are constantly adapting based on new construction designs, material availability and innovation, in addition to consumer trends. There are exciting new design trends in 2021. Some of the best ones are focused around the increase in working at home. As more people are spending additional time at home, 2021 design trends will likely bring more attention to natural areas around the house like decks, gardens, and pergolas. Outdoor exercise spaces are also increasing in popularity. In 2021, as people continue to spend more time at home, expect more designs that capitalize on outdoor space, outdoor privacy, and indoor-outdoor combination spaces like covered decks and heated patios. 

Concerning materials, the trends in 2021 are focused on durability and energy efficiency. Combining materials in unique ways, like pairing metal siding with stone accents above the foundation, are becoming increasingly popular. Many new builds are prioritizing energy efficiency through rooftop solar arrays, double paned windows, high-quality insulation, and durable exteriors like metal roofs and siding. Emphasizing natural light by using skylights and larger windows is another 2021 trend with staying power. Thought trends are sure to change, you can take comfort in the fact that many of the design trends in 2021 are practical as well as popular. 

The Bottom Line 

It seems like the whole world is ready to take a breather in 2021, and paint color trends reflect that sentiment. As you consider what color to choose, or your exterior design options, look to what’s most popular to ensure your house or business looks good for years to come.

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