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Why Hire a Quality Commercial Paint Contractor?

July 24, 2020

commercial painting

Since Cochran & Mann first opened our doors in 1990, we have remained committed to delivering quality commercial paint services on every job site. As a family-owned business for more than 30 years, our principles of transparency, reliability, responsiveness, craftsmanship, and loyalty are the pillars of our continued success.

When you partner with the Cochran & Mann team for your commercial painting needs, you receive the skill and scale of a large, multigenerational business, yet the dedication, customer service, and old-world craftsmanship of a small business.

At Cochran & Mann, our number one goal is to provide consistent value on-site, while earning the respect and trust of our partners through every interaction. The investment into exceptional craftsmanship will save you headaches and guarantee the work will provide lasting impact.

Let’s take a deeper look at why investing in a partnership with Cochran & Mann is the right decision for your company:

Get the Job Done Right the First Time

While there are many commercial paint contractors in the D.C. metropolitan area that do a phenomenal job, going with the cheapest bidder is not always the best business decision. At times, this reduction in cost often correlates with the contractor’s level of experience and execution.

When you choose Cochran & Mann as your commercial paint contractor, you can rest assured that your job will be handled with the highest level of professionalism. Put to rest any worries of costly delays or mistakes and invest in the peace of mind that your commercial space will be painted to perfection the first time around.

Cochran & Mann invests into supervision, training, safety, equipment, and materials that allow us to deliver a superior product.

Our diverse portfolio of clients shows just how deep our expertise truly runs. Take a look at some of our most successful projects to date:

When choosing a bid for your project, it is important to consider which contractor you believe will be able to meet your standard of excellence. Do you care if corners are cut to make the project cheaper? Will you be sacrificing the quality of materials? Will the work be completed within budget? Does the contractor have insurance? All of these factors and more should play into your final decision.

Ability To Meet Tight Deadlines

If your project has a tight deadline or unique challenges, you don’t want an inexperienced team handling the turn around. No matter what your deadlines or challenges are, Cochran & Mann can find a way to meet them.

Take for instance our work on the Holy Cross Hospital COVID-19 unit. The Cochran & Mann team worked 10-hour shifts, six days a week while maintaining strict social distancing and safety protocol to deliver a critical two-floor renovation project.

Another great example is Cochran & Mann’s work on the University of Maryland’s Cole Field House. The university wanted to ensure the first phase of the project was complete so they could show potential recruits for the following athletic year. Cochran & Mann split into two 10-hour shifts a day to ensure this need was met.

When you bring Cochran & Mann into your project, you receive the dedication and support that you truly deserve. Our team cares just as much about the success of your project as you do, and that is reflected in every job we have completed over the last 30 years.  

History of Success

cochran and mann team

It takes a high level of dedication and determination to succeed over 30 years as a family-owned business. Cochran & Mann carries the history of our success into every project. The integrity of our name and reputation, which we have worked so hard to maintain, is on the line with every job. Our team of experts carries decades of experience, which shines through on all of our work.

Just listen to what one of our partners, Pearl Lane, Property Manager at The Matan Companies, had to say about working with Cochran & Mann:

“Calling Cochran & Mann means that I am going to get a fair price for a job that is done professionally. We all know that there are contractors out there that are cheaper, however with that cheaper price comes cut corners and a job that is not run smoothly, ultimately making my job as a property manager harder and more frustrating. I know when I call Will at Cochran, I get a fair price and a job that runs smoothly and my clients are happy.”

If you want your job finished to the highest degree of execution, Cochran & Mann is the contractor for you. Interested in starting a project with our team?

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