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Women in Construction Week Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

March 7, 2023



In 2020, 10.3 million people worked in the construction industry. Women accounted for 1.2 million of those workers. This may mean that approximately only one in 10 construction workers are women, but their impact on the industry is nothing to overlook.

Women in Construction (WIC) Week serves to recognize and celebrate the women working in this male-dominated industry. This year, WIC Week is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Let’s dive further into the importance of this vital time of the year:

What is Women in Construction Week?

Women in Construction Week occurs at the beginning of March every year to support and raise awareness of the incredible work of women in the construction industry. WIC Week was first held in 1998 and has since grown to include events, resources, and a nationwide celebration. For the 25th anniversary, the 2023 theme is 'Many Paths, One Mission.’ This theme recognizes that every woman walks a different journey, but the end goal is the same: “strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the construction industry.”

WIC Week is held by The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). This organization was founded in 1953 and has grown to include 115 chapters nationwide. They advocate for women in construction and provide them with the support needed to help them thrive in the industry. The NAWIC handles an annual conference, awards, and publications that create a community for women.

The Importance of Women in the Construction Industry

Women entering construction jobs are breaking the misconception surrounding gender-specific roles. By diversifying the workforce, women bring various benefits to the individuals involved and their teams, organizations, industries, and society.


Pictured above is Lisa Palmer, the new Chief Estimator of Cochran & Mann.

One of the primary benefits is creativity and innovation. Women bring a unique perspective that can enrich a male-dominated industry, leading to new ideas and better problem-solving. They provide a new pool of skilled workers. Additionally, their participation in the industry aids in the decrease of the skills gap that construction faces.

Meet the Women at Cochran & Mann

Cochran & Mann is honored to have six amazing women on our team. Their unique perspective and invaluable skillset are essential for our success and help us deliver award-winning craftsmanship.


Pictured above are some of the wonderful members of our field team. Deysi, Mary, Harlen, and Cecelia all provide expert painting services across a variety of projects and have been vital to our team's success in recent years.

Organizations like NAWIC NOVA empower women to make new connections and deepen relationships with their peers and clients. Cochran & Mann is proud to support their employees' memberships to organizations like NAWIC, sponsor chapter events, and support attendance to NAWIC’s Annual Conference & Spring/Fall Forums for continued learning and growth.

How to Get Involved

If you want to gain connections and access valuable resources, join NAWIC! The NOVA chapter regularly hosts events and activities throughout the year. However, NAWIC has chapters in 47 states.

If you’re ready to dive further into your career in construction, Cochran & Mann would love to meet you! Learn more about us and apply online.

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