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Start The New Year Off Right With These Workspace Tips

January 8, 2020


Start the New Year with strong business resolutions that help drive sales, increase employee satisfaction, boost productivity, and make the workspace a positive environment. Here’s a short list of workspace tips to begin the New Year.

Brighten The Workspace

Bright doesn’t always equal white. A study from Ph.D. and Director of the Interior Design Program at the University of Texas Nancy Kwallek “tested the impact of color on productivity by giving three groups of people clerical tasks to complete in three different rooms, each painted a different color: Red, white, and aqua.”

Both test groups, called high- and low-screeners based on their ability to block out “color noise”, had difficulty being productive in the white room. The conclusion was that workspaces shouldn’t have white, gray, and beige walls.

Instead, look at the 2020 Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast. The Alive palette brings a room to live by offering bright, positive colors to a community space. The color palette includes Ripe Olive, Sleepy Blue, Cavern Clay, Touch of Sand, and so much more.

Stick To Your Brand

Paint, pattern, and texture all belong in branding efforts. Color helps us recognize brands and businesses constantly. The golden arches of McDonald's, John Deere green, and Tiffany & Co. blue are a few global examples.

Because the workspace is part of your business, it should reflect your brand. Borrow this million-dollar tip from corporate headquarters like Google. The Internet company is known for the bright, bold colors in their logo. They use this color concept across their global offices.

Try Wallcovering

Wallcoverings are a great way to illustrate a story. They’re like giant posters for workspace walls that can be customized to branding, company milestones, logos, and more. Wallcovering has nearly unlimited options. Various colors, patterns, textures, and other aesthetic preferences are available to choose from. Depending on your preference in design, wallcovering could make your workspace pop in the New Year.

Find An Accent Color

Define a workspace with an accent color. For example, a single colored line through a hallway guides visitors to where they need to be. A bright conference room stands out from cubicles, or leadership offices are painted a different color than a distribution center to indicate function. Accent colors help define and connect spaces.

Yellow is a common accent color in offices. Instead of using it as the main color, yellow should be “amidst a calming sea of blue to help encourage some focus and direction.”

This is a great New Year’s resolution for those in creative workspaces, where mental stimulation is key. Artists, graphic designers, and writers all benefit from this happy, fun color. Here’s a key for those who are looking to add accent colors this year:

  • Red is a physical color that represents courage, strength, and excitement. It’s a great color to use in areas of the workplace that demand physical exertion like distribution centers or gyms.
  • Purple is often associated with spirituality and promotes deep contemplation or luxury. Use it in areas that require connectivity.
  • Orange blends red and yellow, creating a sense of comfort and warmth. When used as an accent, it’s a fun color for a casual office lounge or break room.

Try Texturing Paint

Paint and wallcovering are popular choices for workspaces, but texture can heighten your commercial space above the competition. Play with texture like whiteboard paint or popcorn ceilings. Consider knockdown, soft/smooth, or sanded textures on walls.

Texture is a great way to improve or to renew a commercial workspace quickly. Textured paints make the painting process faster and more affordable, especially when walls in the commercial building have damage.

Start the New Year right with these quick resolutions for your business. From texture and accent paint to wallcovering, brighten and refresh your workspace with these tips.

For more information about refreshing a commercial workspace, download Cochran & Mann’s Workspace Renovation Project Checklist. Click on the button below to get started:

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