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How To Choose The Right Commercial Painting Company To Work For

March 7, 2018


Commercial painting and wallcovering is more than stroking a brush against a wall or putting up a mural. It's about people. It's about safety. It's about taking pride in your work and blending creativity with technique to create a quality project. 

When you're looking for the right commercial wallcovering and painting company to work for, here's what to consider:

How long has the company been around?

Experience is huge for a painting contractor, so it’s important to apply to a company that has experienced painters and solid leadership. We give you the opportunity to learn from painting and wallcovering veterans while enjoying a solidly build company structure. No start-up bumps here.

How does the company treat its employees?

We take pride in hiring a fully loaded, experienced, and fun team that's ready to help out in any way. Our painters and project managers shatter the negative stereotype behind commercial contractors, because our company genuinely cares about the success of our projects -- and our people.

We know our employees are the best of the best. We're nothing without the people that help us out every day, and we treat you like family because we know that you're an important piece of the puzzle. Check out what Special Projects Manager Yovani Pineda has to say about working here.

How does the company tackle industry updates?

Believe it or not, painting is a trade that requires constant learning. With the changes in painting and wallcovering technology come new safety precautions and painting techniques. It’s important to be a part of a group of contractors with up-to-date industry knowledge. This willingness to learn is the difference between good and great painters.

Our high level of experience and expectations of our employees lead to tremendous projects. Because we're dedicated to getting better every day, we bring a new set of skills and passion to every commercial project.

It goes beyond the basics of simply painting a wall and into safety, maintenance, cost estimation, and preparation. All of these skills are handy in this trade career, and we help you hone them. 

What are their best qualities?

Attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest degree of service routinely lends itself to a valuable interaction between our employees, leadership team, and project contacts. By prioritizing all of these traits, you find worthwhile work that’s second to none. Value becomes a part of your skillset just as much as technique.

A great commercial painting company should always have pride in what they do. If they don’t have pride in their project or team, they won’t put forth the effort, time, or resources to produce the best results. We're not like that.

Do they have certifications or relevant memberships?

We strive to produce quality work every single time by hiring the best, most certified painters, project managers, and estimators. Our team has relevant certifications and memberships with the Associated Builders and Contractors, American Subcontractors AssociationMaryland Home Improvement Commission, Society for Human Resource Management, and more. 

We'll guide you in applying for and being a constant part of an association that fits your specialty skill and/or future goals. We're here to help you grow, just as much as our clients.

According to Entrepreneur, paint improves work productivity and employee happiness. It solves biofouling and other environmental problems, and -- above all -- makes a statement. With so much on the line, we choose only the best painters, project managers, and other team members. 

If you think that you could positively contribute to Cochran & Mann of Frederick, Maryland, click on the button below to submit a completed application to our commercial painting company:

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