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Painting by Design: How Cochran & Mann Serves Various Industries

May 24, 2022

The Elm

Every building has a unique look and requires specialized needs to meet the demands of the industry it operates in. An office should be designed to boost productivity while a sports & recreation space should be designed to motivate and energize. Through exceptional painting and wallcovering craftsmanship, Cochran & Man has met these needs by providing the finest finishes at the highest value across industries.


The average full-time employee works over 2,000 hours a year. A comfortable, thoughtfully-designed office space motivates them to stay productive and focused. Whether you’re designing a new space or renovating an existing one, on-brand flourishes create a welcoming atmosphere that employees will want to return to. The Cochran & Mann team has provided the finishing touches on a variety of offices, including the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington and PBS Offices, but most recently they have completed the D.C. office space known as Signal House.

Signal House

Signal House is located in the heart of Union Market District in Washington D.C. The award-winning, 10-story office building features gorgeous spaces and a plethora of amenities to promote work-life balance, such as a state-of-the-art fitness facility, private terrace, demonstration kitchen, convertible meeting space, and breathtaking views of the Capitol. Signal House has already attracted leases from well-known technology and start-up companies, including TikTok’s first D.C.-based workspace.

The Cochran & Mann team provided stunning finishes to the common areas across the building and penthouse. They also worked on the two-level underground parking garage, which required painting and striping. The team applied high-performance coatings to protect the exterior of the building, which pays tribute to its industrial surroundings with a uniquely beautiful terracotta, metal, and glass exterior. Signal House can now provide businesses with a transformative experience in the way they work.

Property Management

The aesthetic of a property plays a crucial role in attracting tenants and keeping them happy in the space. Whether you’re managing a commercial or residential property, you’ll want the various spaces of your building to look its sharpest. Throughout Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia, Cochran & Mann has provided award-winning results with minimal disruption to properties such as 2 Hopkins Plaza and Hogan Lovells. Recently, the team has helped complete The Elm in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Elm

The Elm is a newly constructed residential two-tower apartment complex holding 456 luxury living units. The Elm features gorgeous finishes, tall ceilings, and a fresh open-concept feel with a Scandinavian-inspired design. Among many luxury amenities, this complex includes a rooftop terrace, private dining rooms, a curated fitness studio, and beautiful views of Washington D.C.

This project had a fast-paced turnover for the Cochran & Mann team of one floor per week. Despite the time constraints, they painted 34 floors of luxury residential units and shared common areas. They also utilized Tnemec High-Performance Coating for the steel rooftops and walkways. “They were able to deliver a high-quality project, with an aggressive schedule, while overcoming several challenges, including a global pandemic,” said Mike Geraghty, Clark Construction Project Executive. “Everyone that visits the project recognizes the hard work that the Cochran and Mann team put in.”


Educational buildings are a hub for the bright minds of tomorrow. The spaces within those buildings need to reflect that. Sometimes, all it needs is a new coat of paint. Other times, those spaces need a layer of school spirit with on-brand art. The Cochran & Mann team is proud to have worked on the buildings for some of the great schools in the area, including Cole Field House at the University of Maryland and the Frederick County Public Schools Offices. The team also aided in the construction of the new science complex for Towson University.

Towson University Science Complex

The Towson University Science Complex is a 320,000-square-foot higher education space dedicated to the study of all sciences. It includes 50 classrooms, a planetarium, an observatory, rooftop greenhouse, vivarium, 50 teaching labs, 30 research labs, eight lecture halls, 10 collaborative student spaces, and faculty offices.

The project was in progress when the pandemic struck, causing the teams working on the building to enact new safety protocols. Cochran & Mann was in charge of painting the five-story facility and applying a high-performance coating system throughout. They utilized Tnemec high build Epoxy performance coatings for the vivarium environments. The new Science Complex’s updated technology and research space will inspire young minds to become the next leaders in STEM industries.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a clean, sterile environment to care for patients. Paint technology is rapidly growing in that sphere given PPG’s new EPA registered anti-viral and anti-bacterial Copper Armor Paint. Cochran & Mann has worked on multiple healthcare facilities to apply products best suited for medical environments, including MedStar Franklin Square and Holy Cross Hospital.

Holy Cross Hospital

During the height of the pandemic, the state of Maryland was searching for space to care for COVID-19 patients. Holy Cross Hospital renovated 180 patient rooms for the state’s COVID-19 Unit. The project included new floors, ceiling tiles, TVs, window blinds, and hospital curtains.

Cochran & Mann was responsible for painting the two floors of units. They utilized PPG Acrylic Epoxy Semi-Gloss Finish to withstand humidity and constant cleaning by hospital staff. The team met a critical deadline by working 10-hour days, six days a week. The floors were completed in time and helped hundreds of people recover.

Sports & Recreation

Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, a sports and recreation facility needs to create an atmosphere that motivates visitors to focus on their activity and enjoy the space. Branded surfaces, motivational messages, and sleek finishes bring the surface to life. Cochran & Mann has delivered the finest craftsmanship to the enerG Wellness Fitness Center, Cold Field House, and Public Recreational Facility Aquatic Center.

Public Recreational Facility Aquatic Center

The Public Recreational Facility Aquatic Center at The Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex is a 13,770 square foot facility including a reception area, three bodies of water, a leisure/lap pool, a multipurpose room, large locker/restrooms, staff offices, a vending area, and more.

The Cochran & Mann team painted the exposed structure over the entire indoor swimming pool as well as the administrative areas, locker rooms, and mechanical support areas. The project presented various challenges, such as the use of specialized equipment to work on the high ceilings.


And finally, Cochran & Mann works on high-security buildings. With Washington D.C. and Baltimore hosting some of the most secure locations in the country, it takes a trustworthy company to provide professional finishes.

With experience in the industries and projects highlighted above, Cochran & Mann is the clear choice to get your project delivered on time and on budget with industry-leading quality. Reach out today to make your vision for your new space or renovation a reality. 

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