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Success with Property Management Painting Contractor

September 18, 2023


For commercial real estate companies and property management firms, maintaining your properties and client’s spaces is the highest priority. This task is all the more challenging when you have multiple properties and a variety of client needs. St. John Properties, a prominent player in this arena, utilizes preferred contractors to keep their properties top-notch.  

St. John Properties, headquartered in Baltimore, MD, is one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the mid-Atlantic region. With over 23 million square feet of commercial, retail, and industrial space, the painting and wall covering needs are immense. In this blog post, we explore how St. John Properties achieves excellence through its collaboration with Cochran & Mann, a trusted partner for painting and wall-covering needs.

A Unique Approach to Property Management

St. John Properties stands out not only for the size of its portfolio but also for its comprehensive approach to property management. They handle the entire real estate lifecycle, from acquiring land to constructing buildings, leasing, and ongoing management. "We acquire the land, we develop the site, we build the buildings, we lease the buildings, and then we manage the clients," explains Daniel Severn, Regional Vice President of the Virginia and Central Maryland division.

This comprehensive approach requires reliable partners who meet high standards and varied demands. That's where Cochran & Mann comes in, offering painting and wall-covering services that align perfectly with St. John Properties' commitment to quality.


Delivering Quality, Speed, and Savings

One key factor that sets Cochran & Mann apart is their dedication to quality and efficiency. Daniel Severn praises their speed and workmanship, which are crucial in the fast-paced world of property management.

"So you've heard a million times, 'you draw the triangle time, quality, and money. You pick two; you can't have all three.'

However, Cochran & Mann excels in all three aspects, delivering top-notch results without compromising on speed.

Cochran & Mann's ability to handle specialized tasks like whiteboard paint, custom finishes, and interior and exterior paint challenges makes them the preferred painting contractor for St. John Properties. This adaptability to unique client needs showcases their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions."

Navigating Complex Challenges

Property management is not just about painting walls; it's about understanding the intricate needs of each space. Daniel Severn emphasizes that their partnership with Cochran & Mann extends beyond aesthetics. They tackle challenges like waterproofing foundations and addressing unexpected issues, demonstrating Cochran & Mann's expertise in their field.

The relationship goes beyond transactional exchanges. "We love this business. We love our clients," Daniel Severn states, reflecting the shared values that cement their partnership.


Maintaining Client Relationships

A critical aspect of property management is nurturing strong relationships with clients. St. John Properties isn't merely a landlord; they are service providers committed to the success and satisfaction of their tenants. They act as intermediaries between their clients and vendors, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.

By taking on the intermediary role, St. John Properties reinforces its dedication to delivering value and making its clients' lives easier. Cochran & Mann's professionalism and understanding of the property management landscape are pivotal in achieving this.

The Power of Collaboration

The story of St. John Properties and Cochran & Mann exemplifies the power of collaboration and specialization. Together, they have created a synergy that enhances real estate spaces and elevates tenants' experiences. This partnership demonstrates that when two entities share a vision of excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality, the results are exceptional.

In a world where details matter and client satisfaction is paramount, Cochran & Mann's ability to exceed expectations aligns perfectly with St John Properties' mission. Together, they continue redefining property management standards, creating spaces that inspire, engage, and flourish.

You can achieve the same benefits for your property management business by having Cochran & Mann as your preferred property management painting contractor. With every brushstroke, they're painting a brighter future for the real estate industry.


About Cochran & Mann
Cochran & Mann is a family-owned business specializing in paint and wall coverings for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Though we’ve grown significantly since 1990, we remain a family-owned-and-operated business guided by transparency, reliability, responsiveness, craftsmanship, and loyalty principles.


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